Street Martial Arts

Do martial arts like Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA work in a Street Fight? With Street Martial Arts you take a deep dive into the chaos of a street fight and learn how to conquer it with the evolutionary martial art of Bushin. This simple and adaptive style will teach you the “one tool fits all approach” so you can fight in any situation, whether you are standing, on your back, dealing with a knife or against many. In addition, discover the Chaos Key, your road map to becoming your own unique fighter who can apply martial arts to the street. So, if you want to learn practical street martial arts, sweat, laugh and cry, then this eBook is for you!

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Online Course

Launching January 2019

Online self defence course

Launching in January 2019 will be our amazing online course, Street Martial Arts. You will learn martial arts from the ground up, step up your fight game, and find out how apply it all to the street. The course includes essential core fighting skills and simple but effective strategies for a street fight. In addition, you will find how the Chaos Key works to enable you to deal with multiple opponents, fight in different positions, deal with weapon attacks and much more. Moreover, this in-depth course is packed with hundreds of videos and instructional PDFs, which show techniques and fighting tips for the street, which you can easily learn in the gym or at home. In conclusion, Watch this Space!

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Meet your Instructor

Cailey Barker

Founder, Bushin

Cailey Barker

Don’t forget your beginners heart, train hard and never give up. These are the tenets I’ve followed religiously for the last 30 years to mold a successfully long martial career. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded Black Belt ranks in Shorinji Kempo (5th Degree), Jeet Kune Do & Kali, Taekwondo and Wing Chun, in addition to many years’ experience in Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and others, which I still train in regularly to this day.

I opened my first martial arts club in the early 1990’s and have been teaching my passion ever since. 10 years ago I founded Bushin, which has been an incredible path of discovery and success shaped by fantastic teachers like Guro Bob Breen and Eddie Quinn, who I hold instructorships under.

I’ve trained, competed and taught martial arts around the world, however, street fighting has become the greatest fascination for me. I’ve been in a few scraps over the years and personally found it to be the true test of a martial artist. Moreover, being able to apply training in the gym to the craziness of the street is an amazing challenge.

So, by reading this book, I sincerely hope you’ll join me in this great martial arts journey and together we can try to conquer the chaos of the street…Osu!

What is Bushin?

Bushin is a martial art to conquer the street. It is the complete package, a highly effective fighting system with tried and tested techniques, influenced by a variety of martial arts such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do and Kali to name a few. Use the Chaos Key to learn how to fight in any situation, whether you are standing, on your back, dealing with a knife or against many.

Mixed Martial Arts





The Chaos Key

Bushin’s roadmap to apply martial arts to the street. First of all, start with the Core, which comprise your essential fighting skills. Secondly move to the five Orbitals, which are fighting strategies that provide a basic structure and highly adaptable skill set to all areas of a street fight. These consist of Lightning, Atom, Smoke, Fence and Spider. These allow you to quickly learn and adapt to different types of attackers, be it pros fighters or street thugs; and in different types of situations, such as lying on your back or against many opponents. Finally you can add the Rings, advanced methods to allow you to dominate a fight and cope in more complex street situations, such as Clinch, Dirty Boxing, Ground n’ Pound and Weapons. Watch the Video:


Build a strong foundation. Basics are the foundation of all martial arts and fighting, teaching you how to stand, move, block, strike and kick. Importantly, all techniques and fighting methods rely on having good basics and it’s the essential core of everything we do.



Hit early, hit fast, hit hard. Pre-emptive striking and combination finishes. From a variety of stances, this is the most basic and most effective area of street combat. When a conflict has started, learning how to strike quickly and effectively before engaging in a full blown fight has the highest chance of success.


Stay safe. Most basic and safest form of street defence. A simple and effective way to protect yourself when the fight is in full flow. Protect your head and body (nucleus) with rotating cover blocks (electrons) and counter with strikes. Particularly effective against multiple attackers and in a variety of street situations.


Hit and not be hit. Simple fighting evasion, comprising bodywork and footwork, essential for positioning yourself favourably in a street fight. At a more advanced level, it includes counter striking to create a form of elusive combat, which allows you to strike from unpredictable angles and even the odds against multiple attackers.


Build a castle, slow the advance. Fence provides a barrier to nullify attacks and give you the edge in a fight. It slows your opponent down, uses less effort and opens opportunities for counters and locks.

Fight Everywhere

Street fights can occur anytime, anyplace, so you need to know how to fight in numerous situations, whether sitting on the tube, lying down in the park, or with your back against the bar. Bushin keeps it simple in these scenarios, utilizing the principle of ‘one tool for many jobs’.

Fight Everyone

So you can fight huh? How about against two? Three? A whole gang? Bushin teaches you how to adapt your tools to take on multiple opponents, a common thing on the street. Knowing what to do, where to stand, and even how to act can make all the difference to winning the fight.

Fight Weapons

Defence against an armed attacker is essential in modern day street violence, especially with knife crime on the rise. Develop your basic tools to learn how to defend and build confidence against all manner of weapons, be it knife, bat, bottle or chain.


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Street Martial Arts

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